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The nearest airport is Bari Palese “Karol Wojtyla” International Airport, approximately 60 kilometers away.  Many national and international airlines, including “low cost” companies, fly to Bari.
The Organizing Committee will organize a shuttle service twice a day from Bari Airport directly to Matera. The timetable of departure will be established according to the numbers of incoming participants. If you are planning to arrive via Bari Airport and your arrival doesn’t match the official Puglia Airbus timetable ( please inform us about the details of your arrival (
“Car rental services” are available at the airport.
There are also some international flights to Brindisi airport (140 km from Matera), while Naples (250 km) and Rome (450 km) airports offer a full range of national and international flights.


The nearest Trenitalia stations are those at Bari, Ferrandina-Pomarico-Miglionico and Metaponto. Bus services to Matera are available from these stations. Unfortunately, Matera has no direct national train service.

In addition, Ferrovie Appulo Lucane provides a local train service from Bari (near the central Trenitalia station) to Matera.


Pugliairbus is the land transport service that connects the airports of Brindisi, Foggia and Bari. Bari airport is also connected with Taranto and the city of Matera.

From Bari To Matera:

Bari 9:15 Altamura 10:05 Matera 10:30
Bari 10:00 Altamura 10:50 Matera 11:15
Bari 11:00 Altamura 11:50 Matera 12:15
Bari 12:30 Altamura 13:20 Matera 13:45
Bari 14:00 Altamura 14:50 Matera 15:15
Bari 14:40 Altamura 15:30 Matera 15:55
Bari 16:00 Altamura 16:50 Matera 17:15
Bari 17:00 Altamura 17:50 Matera 18:15
Bari 18:00 Altamura 18:50 Matera 19:15
Bari 19:30 Altamura 20:20 Matera 20:45
Bari 22:00 Altamura 22:50 Matera 23:15
Bari 00:30 Altamura 01:20 Matera 01:45

From Matera To Bari:

Matera P.zza Moro 4:00 Altamura 4:25 Bari Palese 5:15
Matera 4:55 Altamura 5:20 Bari 6:10
Matera 7:00 Altamura 7:25 Bari 8:15
Matera 8:00 Altamura 8:25 Bari 9:15
Matera 9:30 Altamura 9:55 Bari 10:45
Matera 10:45 Altamura 11:10 Bar 12:00
Matera 12:30 Altamura 12:55 Bari 13:45
Matera 14:30 Altamura 14:55 Bari 15:45
Matera 16:00 Altamura 16:25 Bari 17:15
Matera 17:00 Altamura 17:15 Bari 18:15
Matera 18:00 Altamura 18:15 Bari 19:15
Matera 19:30 Altamura 19:55 Bari 20:45

Please, check the timetable directly at the Pugliairbus site.
Ferrovie Appulo Lucane and SITA provide connections between Matera, the Trenitalia stations and main towns in the province of Matera and nearby in Puglia region.


Some phone numbers for taxi service are provided hereafter:

Ditta Chiffi 24h       +39 0835 261299  or   +39 3332685173

Sassi Service 24h    +39 328 5854231

Auto Taxi 24h        +39 338 2500494

Car Rental

At Bari airport there are several car-rental companies.